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The Japanese best brand mandarin "Tamura Sodachi"

Arida Mandarin is Japan's leading "Superb Fruit".

There are some Mandarin Orange-producing regions in Japan,
however, Arida, Wakayama is well known for the most reputable region to produce"Arida Mandarin " which has balanced
acidity and sweetness and tastes delicious.

Japanese people eat mandarins as if it was a kind of "sweets".
Everybody including the Japanese Imperial Family and celebrities enjoy peeling and tasting the Mandarin's sweetness,
sourness and its rich flavor.

The attractions of Mandarins compared to Oranges, are...
"Eazy-peeling like banana"
"Small but condensed intense sweetness"
" Rich and deep flavor and umami taste"
"Succulence and easy-rehydrating"
"Perfect as on-the-go snack"

The "Wakayama" region is the home of "Arida Mandarin", which is located in the southwestern part of Japan and faces
the Pacific Ocean. In the restricted area "Arida"in Wakayama, is where the Arida Mandarin is grown.

Originally, Arida mandarin was grown as a premium gift for generals in Edo period.
Still now, the outstanding reputable mandarins has been grown by the combination of its traditional techniques,
knowledge and modern cultivating methods.

The brilliant sunshine to the terraced field, the fresh air and water and mineral contains sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean....
Because of "Major Mandarin Growing Region" it is blessed with the conditions to grow delicious Mandarin,
"Arida Mandarin" is the best Mandarins in Japan.

The top class mandarin"Tamura Sodachi"

The top class mandarin"Tamura Sodachi" in Arida mandarin
which bear the honor of the best.
This "Tamura Sodachi" is called "Tamura Mandarin" because it is grown slightly in an ocean faced small town called "Tamura". It has high sugar concentration (12 degree) which is more than normal mandarins and distinctive reddish color.

Its production quantity has limitations and a very small amount is available in the market with the price between JPY 6,000 to JPY15,000. Because it is a very rare mandarin, it is regarded as a premium gift to the Imperial Family.
Also, it is sold mainly at famous Japanese department stores and premium fruit stores.It is purchased by Japanese celebrities who prefer high quality and delicious mandarins.

The reasons why "Tamura Sodachi" is so premium.
- Warm weather and high mineral contains natural soil to make mandarins delicious.
- It grows facing the south slope with cool sea breeze and plenty sunshine.
-When it rains, the farmers cover the mandarins soil to avoid water build up under
ground to maintain the mandarin's rich taste and sweetness.
- All the mandarin grown are chemical free grown in enriched soil using organic fertilizer made from fish such as bonito, herring, sardine etc....
(Fish fertilizer make mandarin's sweetness and umami taste intensely.)

The farmer closely watches the mandarin's growth and they are grown carefully by hand.After harvest, they sort out the mandarins.
Only the mandarins that has high sugar concentration and beautiful looking,
are packed, shipped and hit the shelves.

The White Powder (calcium, lime and sulfur) to Bring Out The Best.
"Tamura Sodachi" has one more secret.
Around the time when mandarins stop plumping up its fruit, it begins to keep sugar, umami taste, amino acid etc... inside of its flesh.
By sprinkling the white powder onto the mandarins, its surface of fruits and leaves dry and prompt water evaporation to trap umami taste in its flesh.
Moreover, to pick Tamura mandarin at peak ripeness and deliciousness,
night dew and rain should be avoided right before harvest because if it absorbs moisture from leaves and pericarp,it loses its thick flavor.
Also, in the final stage, the water absorption is minimized by the powder and the full sweetness and umami taste are condensed into the "Tamura Sodachi".

After the harvest, the mandarins are packed with the powder to prevent damages to the pericarp and taste-altering. The white powder is made from the mixture of lime and sulfur and used to keep mandarins fresh and delicious.

The white powder is not agrichemical.
It is made from natural material, so there is no bad effect to your health.
Please do not worry.

Including Japanese top class brand mandarins, various mandarins are grown throughout the year, however the mandarins grown around December are the most sweetest and delicious.

Taste fresh and fully- ripen mandarin.
We deliver them to your country direct from farm.
Warm weather and high mineral contains natural soil
Fish fertilizer make mandarin's sweetness and umami taste intensely.
The White Powder (calcium, lime and sulfur)
"TAMURA Mandarin " has balanced acidity and sweetness and tastes delicious.

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